Are you one of us?



We are horse-people.

We started with horses when we were so young that we can’t remember a time we weren’t horse-crazy. Some of us never lived a day without a horse out our back door and some of us set ourselves free, getting our first horse at mid-life. Some of us volunteer at horse rescues and some of us have been rescued by horses.

We treat our horses with respect: the elderly campaigner that taught us how to ride, the kind boss mare that gave birth to champions, the sweet old gelding who took care of kids. It isn’t that we treat them like family members. They are family members.

We always know that no matter how great our commitment to horses is, no matter how much time and money and sweat we happily offer our own horses, and horses out in the world, we’ll always be asked to give more.

And then, we will dig deep, using all of our resources, and find a way to do even more–graciously and generously. We learned that from horses, too.

We come from all walks of life and we have a wide range of skills with one huge thing in common: We all feel a debt to horses that we need pay forward.

How to get on the bad side of a horse-person? Easy question, be cruel to any animal, but especially a horse. We know we can’t save them all but we also know we can do so much better than we are doing now. Horses deserve that.

So we do what we can–we welcome an extra mouth to feed in our barns or we donate to horse rescues.  We’ve each helped a few horses over the years, but the vast need is so overwhelming that it can feel impossible–if we do it on our own.

Are you one of us?

Then join with us. Help us make a real, long-term difference in our community. Because together, we are much stronger. As a group, we can improve animal welfare procedures and laws. We can be a presence in courts and community politics to bring a rational voice for horse welfare.

Eventually, we can build a lasting legacy of equine respect, protection and legal accountability.

Join us and stand tall for horses.


Horse Advocates of Colorado.




6 comments on “Are you one of us?

  1. Carol Bush says:

    Hi, Far View Horse Rescue in Breckenridge/Fairplay Colorado is here to help. We are small, probably could only take one horse at a time, but please keep us in mind.


  2. Kurt Dennison says:

    My girlfriend (wife to be) and I are interested in joining horse advocates. We live in Falcon Colorado, have had horses all of our lives, and currently have 7 horses. We have a very strong heart for your organization and want to help in any way we can, even providing a home or feed for one or some. Thank you for all you do. I look forward to hearing from you very soon. Have a safe and blessed day, Kurt Dennison. (719) 229-0955, email as below.


  3. Dawna Jercinovich says:

    I would like to join, how do I do this?


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