Mission Statement



We are a watch dog group promoting an effective process of identifying and helping abused and neglected horses. We are a source of follow-up information about ongoing investigations and court cases, bringing civil discourse and steady pressure to hold responsible parties accountable.

We support full enforcement of the Colorado Animal Cruelty and Neglect laws, with a firm requirement for monitoring the abuse situations, including a three strike rule. We stand with legal advocates pursuing prosecution to the full extent of the law.

We support El Paso County contracting the Colorado Humane Society to better aid horses in need.

We facilitate a strong network in support of disadvantaged horses including rescue organizations, equine professionals, government agencies, horse owners, and concerned public to foster trust, partnership and a commitment for better protection and rescue, with equine welfare the consistent first priority.

We urge prompt local reporting of suspected horse abuse or neglect.

We encourage the community at large to actively voice concerns in abuse cases by providing a source of ongoing information, along with appropriate contact data for law enforcement and legal advocates, as well as opportunities to join with others who attend and witness court dates–and ultimately to engender a community consciousness of advocacy and compassion for all animals.


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