Thanksgiving for Horses.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAThere is no national holiday for horses. No day that we admire them for their beauty and intelligence. No day that we look over our history and acknowledge that we built our country on their backs. Or that they have inspired us each time we see them running free or working in partnership with their rider.

Thanksgiving is as good a day as any. While we are giving thanks for all of the blessings and abundance in our lives, give horses a nod, too. We owe them so much.

At the same time, there are horses close by, right now, that are neglected. Cold and thin and hungry horses, with owners who look away. They are part of our extended herd. As we give our own horses a special treats today, send their less fortunate neighbors a good thought. Let them know we are working for them—that we will work like a horse.

Let’s hope that by next Thanksgiving, there are some changes in how we are able to help them, and by improving the processes with law enforcement and the courts, we will begin to make a difference in the consciousness about horse welfare. Let’s hope next year, there are some horses grateful for us. It will mean we have done a good job.

All of us at Horse Advocates thank you for your voice and your support of our start-up group. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and rest up. We have court dates in December!


2 comments on “Thanksgiving for Horses.

  1. Thank you for sharing this. We must be grateful for what we have, and try our best to protect those who need us, and give our best to those who have nothing. HUGS


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